Blog: Plug Power Helps Customers Ease Stress of Holiday Season Ramp-Up

Plug Power Helps Customers Ease Stress of Holiday Season Ramp-Up

December 20, 2013

The annual holiday season – typically October through the end of December – is generally a busy, challenging time of year for grocery distributors and retailers. When seasonal merchandise arrives, so does the stress, as warehouse shelves are loaded and orders for holiday foods and goods are selected. Plug Power retail and grocery customers, such as Walmart, Kroger, Sysco and Wegmans, can experience an increase of more than 20% in material distribution activity per site.

As businesses ramp up for the frenzy of additional shelf stocking and product picking, plant and fleet operations managers rely on a productive and predictable workforce. GenDrive units increase the productivity of the lift truck fleet runs – the trucks operate with consistent power for an entire shift, eliminating challenges that come with a depleting battery. When it’s time to refuel, management knows operators will be back on the floor in just minutes. This level of predictability allows fleet managers at retail customer sites, like Walmart, to properly schedule and scale their operations to cost effectively meet the holiday demands.

Greater productivity, higher efficiency, reduced stress levels and monetary savings – what better gift is there during the holidays for our material handling customers?

Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for the Season!