It takes a special company to create a market for fuel cells where one did not exist.
At Plug Power, we do that every day.

Plug Power has developed product suites that solve the fundamental issues for our customers, in a cost effective way. Plug Power fuel cell solution

  • GenDrive: fuel cell power for material handling applications to displace lead-acid batteries in lift trucks. By using GenDrive, our customers eliminate the disadvantages of dealing with batteries such as progressive battery droop, timely battery changes and costly battery charges. GenDrive customers can see 5% to 6% productivity savings.
  • GenSure: fuel cell power for stationary power applications as a predictable and reliable solution over traditional generator or battery power technologies. As a highly-flexible solution, GenSure users purchase the backup power they need now and grow as needed.
  • GenFuel: a full service of fueling solutions for material handling and stationary power customers. GenFuel ensures cost effective hydrogen is always on site, so your operations are never interrupted.
  • GenCare: comprehensive aftermarket service and support of all Plug Power fuel cell power units and fueling services.

Plug Power products have seen real-time operating conditions for more than 107M hours. One single unit can operate as many hours in a year as a car will in its lifetime.

We build real products, with real value, allowing you to be really productive.