Who’s Using GenDrive?

Our GenDrive business is thriving and consistently growing with new and repeat hydrogen and fuel cell customers. Below, you’ll find a selection of Plug Power customers who have adopted the GenDrive and GenKey solution to enable increased productivity and efficiency from its sustainable electric lift truck fleets.

Customer Sites GenKey? Industry
Ace 2 Retail
AWG 1 Food
The Home Depot 2 Yes Retail
BMW 1 Manufacturing
Bridgestone 2 Manufacturing
The Carrefour Group 1 Retail
Carters 1 Retail
Central Grocers 1 Food
Coca Cola 2 Manufacturing
CVS 1 Retail
Dietz & Watson 1 Yes Food
DLA 2 Retail
FedEx 1  Yes GSE
FedEx 1 Manufacturing
FreezPak 1 Yes Food
FM Logistics 1 Logistics
Golden State Foods 1 Food
Honda 1 Yes Manufacturing
Kroger 4  Yes (2 sites) Food
Lowes 1 Retail
Mercedes 1 Manufacturing
Nestle 1 Food
Newark Farmers Market 1 Yes Food
Prelodis 1 Food
P&G 4 Manufacturing
Stihl 1 Retail
Sysco 7 Food
Uline 2 Yes Manufacturing
UNFI 1 Food
Walmart Canada 3 Yes (2 sites) Food
Walmart 31 Yes Food
Wegmans 1 Food
Whole Foods 1 Food
Winco 1 Food
Young’s Market 1 Yes Food