John Cococcia

As Vice President of Business Development and Investor Relations, what are your main day-to-day responsibilities?

I work on two areas that are very different, but leverage my background and experience well.

First is working with our institutional investors and the analyst community to present the Plug Power story, what our future plans are and how we are going to achieve them.

Second is evaluating new technologies, products and markets.  These opportunities are generated both internally through new initiatives and externally through partnerships and M&A.  Working closely with each of the teams within Plug Power, we will help identify the opportunities that will allow the business to continue to grow into the future, and help achieve our goals of providing safe, cost-effective and clean power to a variety of applications and sectors.

What long-term impact would you like to have on Plug Power?

Ideally it will be around finding the next “killer application” of our products and technologies.  We treat each of these ideas as an early stage investment – carefully creating the business and development plan, and quickly evaluating whether they will provide a large, scalable business opportunity to Plug Power.

Why Plug Power?

The business is at a true inflection point for growth.  We have a clear ROI to our current customers in material handling and telecom backup, and as we continue to improve performance and reliability, and reduce costs, new markets will emerge that will continue to provide value to our customers and our shareholders.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

On a beach…..for a short vacation from Plug Power activities!  I love what I do, and can see doing this for a long time, as long as I can continue to have an impact on the organization and on all of our stakeholders.