Waste not, Want not.  That’s what my mom always told me. 


I wonder, if we all lived by this rule, if we could rectify hunger, homelessness and poverty in the world. Perhaps that’s too ambitious of a goal (to start off with, at least). So, I’ll begin by re-invoking the “waste not, want not” school of thought into my life alone, as my Act of Green this Earth Day. Hopefully, I can get others to follow.


Day to day, I promise to STOP ACTING WASTEFUL, and break free of my careless habits.  When going to the grocery store, I’ll remember my reusable canvas bag. And, those groceries I’m buying, I’ll get as much as I can locally – reducing the fuel used to truck items to that big box store. With gas at almost $5.00 a gallon, it’s not waste that will be missed. I’ll cut back on bottled water with a reusable water canister. Over 80 million water bottles are recycled every year. Recycling is good, but eliminating that waste all together is even better.


When I go to work, I can maintain these practices to benefit my employer and serve as an example to my co-workers. Time is money, and wasted time impacts the bottom line. Getting things right the first time keeps things moving – part of my contribution to my company will be maintaining a productive spark in the group. Waste can also be linked to company supplies – “think before you print”, is one of the easiest ways to cut back on wasted paper in an office. I can do that!


Everyone does something everyday. So why not think about how that something could be done with a little less waste. There are loads of ways to change your actions; don’t waste your chance to make a difference.