Upcoming Events
  1. IWCE


    IWCE's comprehensive conference program offers five days of workshops, short courses and training that provide unparalleled professional development opportunities.

    For the 2015 show, IWCE will host the 2015 Electronics Technicians Association Annual Education Forum! Each year, more than 10,000 technical professionals receive certifications from the ETA's world-renowned technical certification program, ...

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  2. ProMat 2015


    Visit Plug Power at booth 672 at ProMat 2015 to explore our premier hydrogen fuel cell power solution!


    Learn how the elements of GenKey come together to provide material handling customers a seamless power solution for their electric lift truck fleets. GenKey combines:

    GenDrive fuel cell units


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  3. UTC Telecom


     At the UTC TELECOM & TECHNOLOGY 2015 conference Plug Power will have the opportunity to join thousands of information and communications technology (ICT) professionals and technology partners. Each day Plug Power will discuss the benefits of ReliOn fuel cell power to global experts who aren’t solely talking about modernizing utilities ...

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  4. Critical Power


    Critical Power is a conference and exhibition on the latest advancements in UPS/standby power supply and power quality solutions for data centers, industrial, facilities and emergency applications.


    Plug Power understands that in today’s electronic and on-demand world, the risk of power interruption has become a critical factor to be ...

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  5. L-NGV2015


    Under the theme "Natural Gas and Other Clean Fuels for All Applications", L-NGV2015 will be focused on cars/pick-up trucks, buses, trucks, vessels, rail, mining, drilling, shale gas and power generation solutions. Important actors of the sector will gather to explore the latest developments of this thriving market through a Conference ...

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  6. Californa Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Summit 2015


    Every year, this signature event of the CHBC provides a balanced forum for businesses, academia, and government agencies to explore hydrogen and fuel cells through intelligent conversation, surprising presentations and thought provoking sessions. The Summit covers two full days with a special focus on picturing the vision and promise of ...

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